Rules and Framework


The ABSL Diamonds Awards Contest (“Contest” or “ABSL Diamonds”) is a contest organized by Związek Liderów Sektora Usług Biznesowych with its seat in Warsaw (postal address: Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw), entered into the register of the business entities and the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health care institutions, maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000340712, NIP: 5252465847, REGON: 142072104 (“ABSL” or “Organizer”) and is opened to all companies from the Business Services Sector that operate in Poland. The Sector is full of companies whose outstanding performance can be inspirational for others.

Any entity meeting the indicated hereby criteria are welcomed to submit your company success story(ies), cases, initiatives in the below 6 categories:

  1. Business Leader in Business Excellence;
  2. Business Leader in Customer Experience;
  3. Business Leader in Vibrant Workplace;
  4. Business Leader in Employer Branding;
  5. Business Leader in CSR;
  6. Business Leader in Talent Development & Education

Applications in all categories must highlight the innovative and adding value facets of the project, case or program.

The entire Contest (including the application, evaluation and publication phases) is supervised by an independed Auditor.


  • „The ABSL Diamonds Awards Contest”, „Contest”, „ABSL Diamonds” – definition in the Rules and Framework preamble;
  • „Organizer” – Związek Liderów Sektora Usług Biznesowych (ABSL);
  • Application System – dedicated IT system provided by ABSL, with pre-defined spaces to be filled in by the Applicant in order to describe the project/case or initiative to be evaluated by the Jury.
  • Application – pre-defined fields in the Application System, that need to be filled in by the participating Company representative with the relevant information describing the project, case or initiative (together with any attachments added) and to be then evaluated by the Jury.
  • Applicant – the entity applying for ABSL Diamonds through submitting an Application(s) by the authorized person;
  • Nominated Application – the Applications receiving the highest scores in a pool and category according to the principles in the Rules &Framework, among which the best (winning) Application is then indicated by the Jury;
  • Nominated Company, “Nominated Applicant”– the entity, that have submitted the Nominated Application;
  • Winner – the Application that has been declared the best per category and per pool by the Jury;
  • Auditor – an independent auditor company (name published at the contest website).

1.1 The ABSL Diamonds Award Contest is opened to any legal entity from the Business Services Sector that operates in Poland. It includes: BPO, Shared Services Centers, ITO, R&D DO Centers. There is no obligation to be an ABSL member to take part in the Contest. In order to submit the Application, the Applicant needs to go thru the Registration first. Registrations means introduction of the Applicant name and other basic information required.

1.2 The Applications must come directly from the entities participating in the Contest (Applicants). It means the Applicant need to appoint a legitimate person to register and submit the Application(s) on behalf of the Applicant. The Applicant provider companies, third-party vendors, advisory organizations or similar cannot submit Applications on behalf of the Applicant.

1.3 To take part in the Contest, the submitted in the Application project, case or initiative must had been initiated and led by the staff located in the Polish Service Center. ABSL Diamonds Contest does not intend to reward the local deployment of any corporate global programs so none of such will be evaluated and rated;

1.4 A single Applicant can submit only one Application per category but it can compete (submit Applications) in up to all 6 categories. There is no fee charged for submitting Applications;

1.5 The Applications can be submitted only thru the dedicated Application System, provided by ABSL. It contains the pre-defined fields (with the word count limit) to be filled in with a specific information on the case, project or initiative and the possibility to add supplementary attachments and links. The Applicants will be split in 2 different pools: Tigers or Lions. The split will be done automatically by the Application System, based on the information provided by the Applicant by ticking one box for each of the following questions;

1) Headcount in the Polish Center at the end of 2017?

☐ 500+ employees

☐ less than 500 employees

2) Time of operations in Poland?

☐ less than 5 years

☐ more than 5 years

3) The Center’s maturity?

☐ mature, leading advanced processes & innovation

☐ starting or rapidly growing activities, developing and maturing

1.6 The submitted Applications should refer to a case, project or initiative that started and concluded with visible results in the period between 1st January2017 – 30th June 2018;

1.7 The Nominated Applications will be promoted (published) by ABSL (including the Contest website, the ABSL Diamonds Awards Gala or other communication channels). For the purpose of such promotion, ABSL (or its appointed production partner company) will produce Nominated Application presentations copying and pasting the Nominated Applicant’s content entries to the STEP 3 section of the Application System. All the presentation s will be branded with ABSL Diamonds key visual elements. Taking the fact, the presentations will only contain the Applicants’ copied STEP 3 entries they will not be distributed to the Nominated companies for the cross confirmation prior to they publication.

1.8. Before submitting the Application, the Applicant must ensure that any information entered into the Application System (especially STEP 3 entries) may be revealed to public as well as that all entries has the final, desired wording. No amendments or modifications will be possible after the Application is submitted. It also refers to the entries in STEP 3, that will be copied for the purposes of presentations (in case the Application is nominated). Each Applicant is recommended making sure any information entered into the Application is compliant with the Applicant’s policies and rules as well as any legal requirements.

1.8 Before submitting the Application, the Applicant must ensure that any information entered into the Application System (especially STEP 3 entries) may be revealed to public as well as that all entries has the final, desired wording. No amendments or modifications will be possible after the Application is submitted. It also refers to the entries in STEP 3, that will be copied for the purposes of presentations (in case the Application is nominated). Each Applicant is recommended making sure any information entered into the Application is compliant with the Applicant’s policies and rules as well as any legal requirements.


2.1. The Application System will be opened for Applications from August 30th, 2018 thru October 19th 2018, 5 p.m. CEST (UTC +2).

2.2. All duly placed Applications will go through screening and evaluation, that will be supervised by Auditor;

2.3. The Jury decisions are final and neither the Organizer, nor the Applicants will enter into any communications to influence the verdict or launch any complaint. The Jury may justify their verdict in public at the ABSL Diamonds Gala;

2.4. All Applications in each category are assessed individually by each of the Jury members through four criteria/fields that are the separate spaces in the Application Systems, filled in by the Applicants. Each Jury member allocates the score from 0 to 25 points per each criterion/field. Thus, every Application can receive up to 100 points from each Jury member and so the total score of 400 (from all the Jury members);

2.5. In case the Application does not meet the Rules and Framework terms or stays in contradiction with any legal regulations the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify such. After the evaluation phase, the 3 highest ranked Applications in Lions and Tigers pools in every category will be declared the Nominated Applications and publicly revealed in the alphabetical order by the Nominated Companies’ names in each pool and category (such as: Contest website). The alphabetical order of such publication will be applied to avoid implying any ratings of the Nominated Applications. Rating of the rest of the Applications will not be available to view. None of the Applications’ (nominated or other) scorings will be revealed at any stage of the Contest;

2.6. The maximum number of the nominated Applications per pool, per category is 3. In case, there would be insufficient number of Applications in a pool, in a given category the Jury may consider nomination of the Applications from the other pool in this category, in order to get a total of 6 nominated Applications per category. The Jury may also abandon nominations in that category and pool at all;

2.7. By November 26th 2018, ABSL will reveal the nominated Applications and companies to the public;

2.8. The presentations of the nominated Applications (based on the Applicants’ STEP 3 entries into the Application System) will be published by November 28st 2018 on the Contest website;

2.9. All the Nominated Applications, will be reviewed and evaluated by the entire Jury based on the initially submitted Applications. The nominated Applications which will get the highest score in each category for every pool will be declared the Winners in each pool;

2.10. Each pool and category Winners will be confirmed during a joint calibration meeting/conference call of the Jury in the presence of the Auditor, who will supervise that stage of the evaluation. The Winners will be publicly revealed at the ABSL Diamonds Gala on December 12th, 2018. They will be then quoted on the ABSL Diamonds website from December 13th, 2018;

2.11 Any and all decisions of the Jury are final and binding, and cannot be appealed from;

2.12 ABSL reserves the right to modify or amend the Rules and Framework at any time. Any of such modifications or amendments will be published on ABSL Diamonds website and are effective from the moment of their publication.


3.1. The entity willing to submit the Application in the Contest should appoint a representative, who will register such entity and submit the Application on the entity’s behalf. Such representative must provide valid individual corporate e-mail address as part of the Applicant Registration process. Having completed the Registration the Applicant will receive an e-mail instructions on how to access the Application System. The Applicants are responsible for updating the contact details if necessary by contacting the Organizer. There is a User Guide available in the Application System to assist the Applicants in the application process. The User Guide provides the tips and guidelines on the Application System that can be useful to the Applicant when registering or filling in the Application;

3.2. By registering the Applicant agrees to receive an e-mail correspondence on the provided e-mail address from the Application System thru which the Organizer shall communicate the most important Contest information (such as reminders of the uncompleted Application, potential amendments to the Rules and Framework, and other – related to the Contest);

3.3. The Applications must be introduced in English as well as any supporting materials attached should also be in English;

3.4. Application steps to be completed by the Applicant (after the Registration);

3.4.1. logging into the Application System;

3.4.2. selection of the category to apply in;

3.4.3. filling in the Application form:

STEP 1 – the project/case/initiative name;

STEP 2 – Project description in the separate 4 fields (supplementary questions are provided for each field) and addition of any relevant attachment. There is a word count for each field (1000 characters including spaces) that cannot be exceeded. Additional materials (each of the attachments cannot exceed 5MB) and links as the supplementary evidence of the project outcome may be attached to each field;

STEP 3 – Brief overview of the project, which will be imported to the case/project/initiative presentation IF the Application would be nominated by the jury. There is a word count for each field (200 characters including spaces) that cannot be exceeded.

After successful completion of the submission an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the Applicant.

3.5. By submitting the Application, the Applicant confirms that it has read and accepts the Contest Rules and Framework and that all information introduced is 100% true and accurate (including those, based on which the allocation to the Tiger or Lion pool I done by the Application System);

3.6. Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification of the Application as contradictory to the law;

3.7. By submitting the Application and accepting the Rules and Framework, the Applicant acknowledge and accepts that the content, documents and materials introduced (text, images, company/companies logos, etc.) can be reproduced by ABSL or its appointed production partner company for the purpose of promoting the case/project/initiative and so it means that the Applicant grants ABSL a license to use the content, documents and materials for the purpose of promoting the competition. At the same time the Applicant declares that the provided content, document and materials do not violate the provisions of generally applicable law (including the rights of any third parties) and that they duly obtained all necessary permits (including the recording and publicity of the image of persons registered / recorded in these materials);

3.8. The Applicant guarantees that the Applicant indemnifies ABSL against all loss, liability or expense (including reasonable attorney and witness fees and expenses) arising out of any claim brought by a third party that any material/ document infringes upon intellectual property rights owned or controlled by the third party;

3.9. Any additional questions concerning the ABSL Diamonds Awards should be sent via email to;

3.10. ABSL allows for the use of the ABSL Diamonds logo and the full name of the name of the Contest for the winners’ promotional purposes provided with the year for which the prize is awarded and the full name of the organizer – for example, ABSL Diamonds 2018.


4.1. All the potential Applicants are informed hereby, that ABSL is the controller of personal data provided by the Applicant. Personal data collected by ABSL through the Application System shall be processed for the purposes of ABSL Diamonds organization and settlement of the Contest in accordance with these Rules and Framework. Any personal data provided to ABSL are protected by ABSL in accordance with the Privacy Policy that you will find at the address:;

4.2 All the potential Applicants are informed hereby, that under a separate agreement related to providing IT and maintenance services of the Application System, ABSL has entrusted processing of personal data to Smultron Sp. z o.o.